How It Works

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GeoSafari is an application for Android and iOS mobile devices that allows you to make calls to any destination in the world.

You can download the app from Apple App Store or Goggle App Store.

App Store
Google Play

Once you have downloaded and installed the app on your mobile device, you are required to register by doing “sign up” from the app. You will then receive via sms a four digit PIN you can use to login.

You can now call anywhere in the world. Our calling rates are low and you get free credit to make your first call. You can also check the rate from the app. Bear in mind that to make a call, you need an active internet connection.

On-net calls (GeoSafari to GeoSafari) are free of charge, but require that both parties to have GeoSafari app installed on their mobile devices.

You can top-up your GeoSafari number using M-PESA (Kenya, Safaricom) and Paypal. Other payment options such as Airtel money (Kenya), will be available soon.

For any assistance, please contact us.

Note: You will need a valid mobile phone number to which your four digit PIN will be sent by sms.

Once you have downloaded and installed GeoSafari App on your mobile handset, you will be prompted to signup or login.

If you have already registered and have your GeoSafari number and four digit PIN, use the Login option. Otherwise do the signup again to receive your four digit PIN.

1. Click on [Signup] button.


4. If the App doesn’t detect the sms sent, you will be asked to input the PIN.

2. Enter your names, select country and mobile phone number eg. 722xxxxxx for Kenya. (Do not enter the zero prefix)

3. An sms will be sent to your mobile phone number.

When you signup with GeoSafari, you are assigned a number in the format 254207xxxxxx. This means that you can also receive calls from any where in the world with the App. For clients paying with MPESA Paybill 334350, please use this telephone number as the [Account Name] during the payment process. Also note that you can use the mobile phone number used during the signup process as [Account Name] too.

1. From home, click on [Settings]

2. Click on [Account]

2. Click on [Account]

3. Your GeoSafari number 254-207-xx-xxxx

You can top-up your GeoSafari number with M-PESA from the app at no payment cost for the amounts KES 30, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000. There is no transaction fee for this top-up method.

* Info: Once you have completed these steps and have received a confirmation message from M-PESA, your account will be updated with your new balance. If not, please forward that M-PESA message from Safaricom to our support number 0716023785 or email and one of our agents will check for you.

1. From home, click on [Settings].

4. Input the Safaricom number you wish to pay with

5. Select the amount: KES 30, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000

6. Click on [Confirm]

2. Click on [Recharge].

7. Once you get to the screen below, you will be asked on your handset to confirm the transaction.

3. Click on the M-PESA logo.

8. Enter your P-PESA PIN on your handset:
You are about to pay Ksh XX for xxxxxx to GeoPesa. Enter your service PIN. (Forgot PIN? Answer with 0).

9. Accept transaction:
Please note that this amount will be deducted from your M-PESA.
1: Accept
2: Decline.

10. Message from Safaricom:
Your online checkout transaction with M-PESA receipt number: xxxxxxx for xxxxxxxx has been completed.

11. Message from M-PESA:
“TRANSACTION CODE” Confirmed KshXXX.00 sent to GeoPesa for account xxxxx on “DATE” at “TIME” New M-PESA balance is Ksh XXXX. Transaction cost, Ksh0.00.
Note: Please keep this message untill your balance is updated.

Note: Please bear in mind that this recharge option may take some time for your GeoSafari number to be topped up.

** Account number: Please confirm your GeoSafari number from the app or use a mobile phone number that was used to register with GeoSafari.

You can top-up your GeoSafari number using our pay bill number 334350 from the M-PESA menu on your handset.

Select M-PESA -> Lipa na M-PESA -> Pay Bill -> Enter Business no. -> 334350 -> Account no. -> **GeoSafari number / Registered mobile number -> Enter Amount -> Service PIN.

You will receive a message from M-PESA with a transaction code. Please keep this until your top-up reflects on your GeoSafari.

If your top-up does not reflect, please forward the M-PESA message from Safaricom to our support number 0716023785 or email and one of our agents will check for you.

To check your recharge/topup histroy, go to

Username: Your GeoSafari number

Password: Four digit number sent to you by sms during signup.

On the app, go to:

Settings (…) -> Recharge -> Report

Your recharge/top-up history will appear here.