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Proactive Monitoring

At GeoNet we realize your business uses high speed Internet connections as part of your daily business plan, the last thing you need to do is worry about potential bottlenecks and security intrusions that will drastically decrease network performance. Our network monitoring will give you peace of mind, knowing that you can check your entire network status at a glance, and concentrate on helping your customers and running your business.

GeoNet’s expanded and enhanced network monitoring service can keep you alert of any problems before they can become service or security affecting. Many network monitoring services notify customers of their Internet connection status, and stop there. With GeoNet, not only can your Internet connection’s uptime and security be monitored, we can also monitor your server uptime and availability, in addition to hosted service ability as well.

Regardless of your company’s geographic locations, we maintain a constant, real-time overview of all of your network’s nodes and access points with our network monitoring service. When one network problem occurs, it can quickly impact other services, your employees, and ultimately, your customers.

Maintaining a constant overview of your network and security will ensure that any problems that do occur can be addressed quickly and securely. In addition to services uptime and availability, GeoNet’s network monitoring can also provide you with a real-time view of inbound and outbound traffic patterns, bandwidth utilization, and data destination. We use industry leading and award winning network monitoring tools namely Cacti, Nagios, Whatsup gold and Solar winds.

Network Monitoring Benefits:
i.    Monitor network traffic and nodes on a real-time basis
ii.    Quickly identify network problems and issues
iii.    Verify service uptime and performance
iv.    Track bandwidth usage for optimal speed and performance

Three core elements monitoring service:
•    A daily morning safety check
•    A continual and constantly recurring check of all your network’s critical elements every 5 minutes
•    A 10-minute SLA response alert for your staff and our engineers.

GeoNet communications has state of the art help desk facilities with a 24/7 *365 support.  At GeoNet we have skilled and dedicated technicians who are able to provide problem resolution according to their complexity and with their experience with specific problems. We provide accurate solutions, fast and reliable with status tracking.

All our procedures and process are automated with thus enabling quick access to all pertinent client information, secure remote access, with the ability to reassign, track, and escalate trouble tickets.
We have developed and deployed accurate performance metrics to monitor all links on our network.  Our monitoring tools are also 24*7 application performance monitoring with automatic application discovery and classification by user-defined applications and business groups.

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