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Head office Internet and Local WAN links

GeoNet has partnered with local infrastructure providers including Jamii Telecom, Safaricom, Acess Kenya and Liquid Telecom to offer local loops in various locations across Kenya, East Africa and parts of Africa. In addition, GeoNet runs a wireless local loop infrastructure in Nairobi, and soon expanding to Mombasa and Kisumu. We also provide affordable VSAT links in areas where no other connectivity exists and for reliable backup systems.

a)    Local loop Services

We are partners for the following infrastructure providers:

  • Liquid Telecom (Formerly KDN)
  • Wananchi Telecom
  • Jamii Telecom
  • Access Kenya (Internet Solutions)

We have provided the last mile links from one of more of these providers and have a back to back Service Level Agreement which can be shared.

The advantage that GeoNet has and hence our clients is that if there is a problematic link in an area, say, due to growth in vegetation for wireless links, power issues within the last mile provider’s base station or frequent fiber cuts, we can use any of the other available local loop providers with no change to your contract or service agreement. Additionally, if there is a new technology launched by any of the providers, we can upgrade the client’s solution to this service within the proposed service structure without changing the contracts materially.

b)    NOC Services

We have a top of range NOC at our head office in Upper hill, Victoria Towers, 3rd floor and a hosted disaster recovery site at EADC where we have all the routing and switching services plus interconnect to all service providers. We have a help desk with all the latest tools for proactive network monitoring, incident and problem management.
We are able to reach this facility through all the above listed providers, which makes the NOC also vendor neutral.

c)    Redundancy
Each of the sites has two links. All links connect to the nearest base station or Fiber Node. However, due to resources sharing arrangements between providers, you may sometimes find that two providers have different base stations, but they backhaul using the same cable from the particular town to Nairobi. In this case, if there is a fiber cut, it affects both the primary and secondary links, thus rendering the backup ineffective.We have carefully selected the primary and secondary links to ensure that none of the links are being ‘backhauled’ using the same fiber.
Based on our experience with the various providers, we now know which base stations are interdependent and we have avoided proposing such providers as backup of each other. We confirm that there is a 99.9% redundancy provided in our design.

d)    Evidence of relationship with backbone and redundancy providers
GeoNet is an official communications partner for the following providers. We have attached letters as evidence of this relationship.




Contact Person


Jamii Telecom

Value Added Distributor



Liquid Telecom

Business Services Partner



Wananchi Telecom Limited

High Value Distributor



Access Kenya

Business Services Partner



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