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. Customized SenderID

. User Friendly Portal

. Affordable Costs

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. Data Centre as a Service

. Software as a Service

. Backup & Recovery as a Service

. Collocation Services

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. Long Range Transmission

. Highly Flexible

. Reliable & Available

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. Sip Trunking

. IP PBX (Hosted)

. International DID

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. Free OnNet Calls

. Cheap call rates

. 24/7 Support System

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Geonet Voip

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Cloud Services

Data Centre as a Service, Rapidly provisioning of complete data Center on the cloud where customers have the ability to utilize dedicated servers depending on the requirements of the application being hosted.

Software as a Service, Securely access software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service.

Backup and recovery as a service
Back up your data directly onto the GEO NET cloud.
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